Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Around 18
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Nao 「尚」is a male half-blood, half human-half angel hybrid. Still bearing his mark of death, he's desperately seeking a way to remove it. He also seems to be in love with Tsukimiya. He seems to be working for Tsuzuki and sucks up to him, thus raising the angel's ego even higher. 


Nao is a tall male with long, brown/grey hair that seems to be partly tied back and has two hair-clips on the side. He is considered very handsome and very attractive.

He wears black jeans which have a chain on his right side and jet-black shoes, and a coat with faux fur on the hood and at the end of the sleeves. There is a butterfly pattern on the breast of the white coat he wears.

He wears a necklace with a cross on it, three rings on each finger, and also has an earring on his left ear.


Nao is a bisexual male who can be eccentric at times. He seems to be deeply in love with Tsukimiya but his love seems to be unrequited.

He is scared of being killed by his half-blood curse (he is a human/angel hybrid) and will do anything to try and save himself from his grizzly fate, even if it means back-stabbing his friends.

In chapter 19, he asks his love, Tsukimya, if she thinks he is a 'good guy or a bad guy?' He always wants to do good, but he is trapped in a world of 'two evils'.



Abilities Edit

  • Spell Casting

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Nao is bisexual, due to him mentioning that he's ok with both males and females