Chapter Three is the fourth official chapter of the Bloody Cross Manga series.  It's title is God's Power. 


The chapter opens with Hinata and Tsukimiya attempting to break their curse with God's Book of Prophecy, lamenting that it'll take some time before they'll be able to use it.  After Hinata explains the barrier they put up to keep enemies out, Tsukimiya laments how unsure she is that the book will be able to break two curses.  After they gloat some more about breaking the curse, both Hanabura and Tsuduki are seen outside somewhere, looking for Tsukimiya and Hinata to get the Book and Key back.  Once Tsuduki gets trapped in a spell by Hinata, he easily breaks it by saying Release, causing Tsukimiya to chastise Hinata.  Tsuduki and Hanabura are then confronted by Momose, and Hanabura shoots her.  The fight continues, and when it looks like Momose is about to loose to Hanabura, she attacks him, the results looking fatal, taunting him.  It then cuts to Tsuduki, who's still looking for Hinata and and Tsukimiya, and Tsukimiya appears behind him.  Tsukimiya tries to convince him that they're willing to surrender the book to them once they're done using the power but Tsuduki doesn't believe her, attacking her, claiming that their goals are different, confusing Tsukimiya.  When it looks like Tsukimiya is about to loose, the book finishes charging, and so Tsuduki leaves her and tries to destroy their barrier by casing the spell Lift the Barrier.  He tries to take God's Power back from them, but Tsukimiya and HInata retaliates and stops him.  Tsukimiya taunts Tsuduki, claiming their victory, while Momose is spying on them from a tree outside.  Tsuduki gets pissed off and retaliates by attacking them with the technique Double Bind:  Strengthen, but the attack fails for some reason.  Hinata and Tsukimiya then uses God's Power to break the brand on them, freeing them from the curse.  Tsuduki then constantly attacks Tsukimiya, pissed and confused as to why she won't die from the blows from his sword.  Tsukimiya guesses that God's Power made them immortal, and this really pisses Tsuduki off even more.  Tsukimiya and Hinata are then surrounded by strange Blck Feathers which ends up decapitating Hinata, and later cutting off part of Tsukimiya's arm when she tries to attack them.  Then a new character, Satsuki, shows himself, revealing himself as another God Canidate.