Chapter Four is the fifth official chapter of the Bloody Cross Manga series. 


Tsuzuki is at his home on his phone, angry that he can't get ahold of Hanabura, afterwards realizing that someone named Satsuki is also getting involved in the Holy War.  When Hanabura returns he teases Tsuzuki about loosing to someone like him, angring Tsuzuki even further.  After some chitchat about the battle that's currently taking place, Hanabura asks if he can beat Satsuki, with Tsuzuki then claiming that Satsuki is troublesome.  Hanabura claims that Tsuzuki and Satsuki are fated to cross paths, and Tsuzuki then notices that this isn't the real Hanabura, and then the two engaged in a small fight, in which Tsuzuki reveals his ability to redirect attacks directed at him, at least in terms of bullets.